A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

 I know this seems like an interesting passage to start a "Thanksgiving" devotion from but, as I have been studying the story of Joseph and all the adversity, turmoil, deceit, harm, and struggles he went through I tried to put myself in his position. Have you ever been betrayed by someone in your family or someone you thought was a friend? I have. Have you ever been so full of anger and been so scared ...

For Women

Get in the Game

Growing up, I loved to play sports. Softball was by far my favorite sport, because I was a major contributor to the game. I put in the time and effort it took to stay on the field, and as a result I was able to experience the thrills and excitement of the game. I loved to be in the game.   It seems at times that in our Christian walk we pull out of the game ...

For Men

God Looks at the Heart

 In our scripture, Jesus is using a prophecy Isaiah spoke almost 800 years earlier.  Isaiah was describing the city of Jerusalem.  Jesus is describing the actions of the Pharisees and scribes of His day.  Over 2000 years later, Isaiah’s words still ring true of some Christians today.  Many people are just going through the motions in their relationship with God.  God does not care near as much about the “things” we do for Him ...

New Desire Music

He Breathes For Me

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Dr. Brenda Robinson

From the Heart of Dr. Brenda Robinson

"I Just Love Jesus"

Being a Christian is not only a daily battle, but it is an hour-by-hour, moment-by-moment, mental, spiritual and fleshly warfare. We have a constant enemy along with the world and our flesh that keep us, Christians, an endangered species. This is the reason for the title of this article.

Our weapon is the Word of God. Without God’s Word going into us weekly, daily, constantly, without ceasing, memorizing, quoting, and most importantly applying it to our lives, we will become prey to Satan and our flesh. 

The Bible teaches us to study to show ourselves approved of God. The Word will prove our depth of God’s love that we hold within our hearts. Lack of studying the Word will prove our love for God to be shallow and superficial. Our Scripture text teaches us the importance of the Word of God. It teaches us the Word is God ...

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