Ambassadors for Christ

To be an ambassador for someone is an awesome responsibility and should never be taken lightly. Quite literally, to be an ambassador means nothing less than to act as a representative of someone or something. The Bible clearly states that Christians should act as representatives of Christ, and as such, our words and actions speak for Him. What are our words and actions saying? I’ve seen a lot of well-meaning Christians representing condemnation. Yes ...

For Women

Showers of Blessings

Perhaps you are fighting drought and doubt in your life, and it appears that the rain will never come. Maybe you have been able to identify with the nation of Israel and their gods. Perhaps you have realized you have a few false gods in your own life. In your idol worship, you have found yourself pulled between the opinions of your god and the One true God. You are thirsty, but not even the ...

For Men

Half Dead Christians

In this parable about a “certain man” we find a great lesson about staying where God has placed us. It is very important to understand that the place of Jerusalem is always referred to as the place of God. Jericho was a representation of the world. This certain man had been where God was present. He had experienced the pleasures and liberty of worshipping the Heavenly Father.  However, we must realize that this man had ...

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He Breathes For Me

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Dr. Brenda Robinson

From the Heart of Dr. Brenda Robinson

"I Just Love Jesus"

In the synopsis of the book of Galatians we find that the Galatians had launched their Christian experience by faith, but they had somehow found it content to leave their voyage of faith and chart a new course based on works putting themselves back under the law. This is the reason for our Scripture text where Paul questions them in the very first chapter about pleasing man. When we please man, we allow ourselves to walk in the flesh rather than the Spirit fulfilling the lusts of our flesh. We know our flesh drives us to the deception of dreams.

I call it dream chasing because that was my life. We all know that dream chasing requires us to be what everyone else is, have what everyone else has, and do what everyone else does. We have to build our image to impress the world around us and prove that ...

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