Be Doers

When was the last time you stopped and took a look at yourself in the mirror?  In today’s passage, James compares the Word of God to a mirror.  If we are going to be the Christians that God called us to be, we have to look into the “mirror”, and examine our reflection.  Many times we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to the people around us when our only true standard of ...

For Women

The Principles of Doubting

Two biblical examples of doubt stand out above all others. One is Zacharias; the other is Thomas. Their stories reveal to us the principles of doubting that can make a great difference in our walk with God. Zacharias doubted the message the angel brought to him from God. God promised to give Zacharias and Elizabeth a child, but Zacharias failed to believe God’s promise. Immediately, Zacharias was made unable to speak because of his ...

For Men

Things Ordinary

Continuing stedfastly in doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers are ordinary things in a Christian’s life. The early church did these things simply from their passion for God, love for one another and their desire to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our churches today have strayed far, very far, from what God would consider things ordinary. Today’s church considers things ordinary as attending Sunday morning service, sometimes Sunday night service and ...

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He Breathes For Me

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Dr. Brenda Robinson

From the Heart of Dr. Brenda Robinson

"I Just Love Jesus"

My friends, I come to you this week with a compelling spirit to warn you of “some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ.” If we study the word trouble from the Greek definition, we find that it means there are some who stir or agitate trouble. The Greek definition of “perverting the gospel” means to twist, to turn quietly around in an inconspicuous way, to be about self while professing the gospel.”

In verse 6 of Galatians 1, Paul makes the statement, “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of God unto another gospel.” Paul is talking to a body of believers who should be strong enough in their faith and stable in the truths of God’s Word that they should be able to recognize false teachers who profess godliness but have no power. Paul said ...

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