Dr. Brenda Robinson

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Executive Director

The life of Dr. Brenda J. Robinson has many textures entwined with many colors and harmonies. She was born into a family, the ninth child, with 2 brothers and 6 sisters. The family struggled day to day, often needing the basics most families took for granted. Brenda’s father was an abusive alcoholic who often left them alone for weeks at a time.

Her mother, Lola Cantrell Holcombe, however, was a bright spot for the family. Her strong faith in God steered the family toward hope and gave Brenda the structure and vision she would need to survive the ridicule from her peers. (See Brenda’s Autobiography, Seized for His Glory.) Through their mother’s guidance, she and her siblings learned to surround one another with love and protection in order to “deal” with all that life served them. Brenda’s life took a detour when she was taken out of school in the 7th grade to care for her mother whose health had declined to the point she could not get out of bed.

Soon after the birth of her second son, Brenda suffered grand mal seizures for 6 years. Through the strong faith her husband Dan demonstrated, Brenda found the strength to face her trials. She immersed herself in the Word of God and began to so identify with the Word and the God of the Word that it began to change her. Brenda experienced a New Desire in her life. Brenda’s suffering led her into an intimate relationship with Jesus the Lover of her soul. In the midst of her suffering, God gloriously healed her of seizures.

During the time of Brenda’s seizures, she spent her time so much in the Word, that she accomplished a desire she never expected to achieve. She received her Doctor of Divinity degree, and is now working on her Doctor of Theology degree.

Brenda lives her life trusting God to provide her daily bread, trusting Him to order her day, that everything she encounters is seen as being divinely appointed. Her days at home are filled with prayer and Bible study, counseling, working in and supervising the ministry office, writing, planning her many conferences and the all so special mementos for the “Words from God”.

Brenda has written numerous songs and 9 books as well as teaching women’s conferences in 4 countries and 3 continents. Each year in February, Hillcrest Baptist Church, in Saks, Alabama host her Annual Women’s Conference. She has been interviewed by Marcus and Joni Lamb on Daystar, James and Betty Robison of Life Today on TBN, and by 700 Club on CBN. Brenda’s “Made Over” was broadcast for almost 2 years on NRB and Sky Angel. You can also hear Brenda on her radio show through www.newdesire.org.

 Brenda ends her day in her prayer room on her face before God. No matter how long it takes, she prevails on Him to give her the guidance she desires. She still battles health issues but she is not defeated. She uses her trials as a platform for the Gospel. Brenda loves everyone with the love of God and along with Dan and Labron and Brooke, they Just Love Jesus.

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